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  • I was referred to Dr. Santoro by my mom, who had previous success with treatment for a car accident.  I feared chiropractic! Dr. Santoro and his office were friendly and practical. Over a period of time I felt much better, not just my bones, but my whole body. ... ~LM
  • Even though I had doubts that chiropractic would help me, upon meeting Dr. Santoro, I felt he was very professional. ~KW
  • Dr. Santoro has been helping me, and I think that he is great. ~PM
  • I was referred to Dr. Santoro by my dad and he has been helping me ever since! ~EIi
  • I felt very much at ease with Dr. Santoro and the treatments suggested. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend chiropractic treatment or Dr. Santoro. ~Carl
  • I am very satisfied with care and have told many of my friends about Dr. Santoro. ~Therese
  •  My neck was in spasm when I first visited Dr. Santoro. I was very much impressed with Dr. Santoro s office and was immediately comfortable with Dr. Santoro. My results have been good, with my spasms eliminated. ~Margo D
  • Dr. Santoro was very knowledgeable and sincere and cared for my welfare. My wife and 19-month-old son are also under care with Dr. Santoro. ~ Peter
  • Dr. Santoro took the time to explain the details of my problem and treatment. He was very knowledgeable and confident that he could help me. I put my trust in him. ~WM
  • I was referred by a friend to Dr. Santoro. He was very professional and very precise in explaining my condition. The office was very pleasant. I feel chiropractic has helped me and my future can benefit from it. ~Mike K.
  • After playing softball I noticed shoulder pain, along with neck and lower back pain. I had taken Tylenol and Advil for the pain, and quite frankly my husband was tired of my complaints. I was referred to Dr. Santoro by one of his patients. I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Santoro and his office. My symptoms were explained in a way that I could understand. My daughters are also under care with Dr. Santoro and are also doing very well. ~Carol B

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